sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Uruguay vs Jamaica 13 junio 2015 Copa América Chile 2015 Día 3 Estadio Estadio Regional Calvo y Bascuñán de Antofagasta Antofagasta, Chile

With the bad experience of Brazil 2014, Uruguay knows he can not take anything for cattle when he faces Jamaica in their first match of the Copa America 2015

Uruguay starts title defense in Chile Copa America 2015 with the dream of success and repeat as favorites against a team of the Charruas have repeatedly confessed not know much beyond a marvelous fitness and high motivation they are supposed to contest the continental tournament.

So unknown is Jamaica that even Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani referred yesterday to the Caribbean team as "African", a reasoned confusion, he acknowledged later, by the similarity of the powers of strength and speed they have with the players from both continents.

In the same vein another icon Celeste, Cristian 'The Onion' Rodriguez, who confessed to not knowing much of Jamaica was beyond that are fast and strong.

The very select Uruguayan Oscar Washington Tabarez acknowledged during the Uruguay concentration in the effort to collect information that had to make its technical team.

Journalists themselves yesterday had to ask one of the best players of Jamaica, defender Wes Morgan, who plays for Leicester City in England, which is identified with his name and position it plays in the field before being asked.

Caribbean seventeen years carried out an international competition of great importance, since it will contest the 1998 World Cup in France.

Little is known about them beyond having a German coach, Winfried Schäfer, a second Spanish coach Carlos Aitor, and a handful of players who play in the English Premier League and MLS United States.

However, Jamaica is able to cause an upset in the championship, as yesterday said Schäfer, and seize their weapons, which as you pointed Uruguayan players are their physical strength and speed counterattack.

Thus, the name of Morgan others join as Marippa Adrian, who plays for Crystal Palace English, Kemar Lawren or Je-Vaughn Watson of New Yorl Red Bulls and FC Dallas, respectively, as leading players.

Opposite a Uruguay that the unknown amount Caribbean posed a great anxiety to win the opening match, something not achieved in any of the last three editions of the Copa America and that Tabarez is denied since taking the reins of selection in any international tournament.

"I never won a match debut: I lost and draw," recently acknowledged the Uruguayan coach, who said the problem could be that the excitement of starting a blind tournament player, unable to think then that can also be lose.

The curse of the match debut presents a priori as more important Uruguay handicap facing the clash tomorrow.

In sports, everything indicates that the Uruguayan coach repeated the lineup that won on Saturday to Guatemala 5-1 in a friendly.

It will be including Atletico Madrid defender José Giménez, who on Wednesday presented a physical problem in his left thigh that already seems fully recovered.

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