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Paraguay vs Jamaica June 16, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile Day 6 Regional Stadium Stadium Calvo and Bascuñán of Antofagasta, Chile

Paraguay to play at the same level as his good debut against Argentina if he will not be a surprise that Jamaica looked more competitive than expected.

The selection of Paraguay faces his second match of the Copa America 2015 Chile butt morale and desire to ratify the level of the beginning of the tournament in a match against Jamaica, which offered better prints than expected in its debut.

Paraguay comes to the meeting with the added point against Argentina (2-2), while Jamaica does after having opened the competition with a narrow 1-0 defeat to Uruguay.

Paraguay The objective is simply to get to the key game of the final day with four points you need to win against the Caribbean team.

The only way to achieve this is by giving up the image given in the first half against Argentina and offer the claw and good football in the second half.

Paraguay arrived Sunday in Antofagasta from La Serena, which must adapt to different weather conditions, with more heat both work in training to face the party Tuesday afternoon in Calvo and Bascuñán stadium.

The debate in the Paraguayan national team revolves around Lucas Barrios, who left the field to the final ten minutes of the match against Argentina instead of Roque Santa Cruz and managed in extremis the equalizer.

Everything suggests that the coach Ramon Diaz will keep you from starting on the bench at Santa Cruz will be the owner, but will not involve you going to repeat the initial team that filed the Argentines.

The appearance of Derlis Gonzalez after the break that game gave the Paraguayan team a more offensive profile, so it is possible that the Basel Swiss footballer remains in training at the expense of Richard Ortiz.

With regard to the goal, the question is on the incident that may have initially improved holder Justo Villar, who did not play against Argentina through injury last minute. He entered Antony Silva, who surrendered at a good level so you can stay on the team.

Front will be the selection of Jamaica unknowns at the meeting he revealed that lost to the Uruguayans, mainly their ability to provide more than just delivery and physical strength.

Anything else does not presuppose the offer of a high-level football even though some of his players have quality and half a dozen of them play in England, but none in top teams in the Premier League.

Winfried Schaefer, the German coach of the Jamaican veteran, battle-hardened worldwide, has printed a selection character in this game most of their chances of not saying goodbye to the Cup with just three matches to play.

Not for nothing the last date shall be measured with Argentina, which may find it necessary victory.

In the match against Uruguay stressed Joel McNauff in midfield and striker Darren Mattcoks, which will be the men to watch for the Paraguayans. The giant goalkeeper Duwayne Kerr was also a reference, it gave security to the rear of the Caribbeans.

It is expected, moreover, that the fans of Antofagasta encourage Jamaicans, just as he did on Saturday in their match against Uruguay in a meeting in which the America's Cup will bid farewell to this city in northern Chile.

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