viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Mexico vs Ecuador June 19, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile Day 9 Stage Braden Copper Co. / El Teniente Rancagua, Chile

Mexico must win or yes to Ecuador to advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa America 2015 Chile

The Mexican team will face its last match of the group stage of the Copa America 2015 Chile to Ecuador in Rancagua, this Friday at about 16:00 pm Central Time Mexico.
The venue of the meeting is the Estadio El Teniente which has a capacity of almost 16 000 spectators.
Miguel Herrera acknowledge the decline in defense of Adrian Aldrete, that it adds to the doubt Rafael Marquez, who still do not know for sure if it will Avaliab for the game this Friday.
After the good performance they had last Monday in Santiago de Chile to local, Tricolor's hopes to advance to the quarterfinals grew, and because Ecuadorians lost their first two games.
However, all is best for Mexico is winning, and that automatically removes a defeat and a draw result combinations must wait to move forward.
"Louse" will, according to Efrain Velarde training in the left side in place of injured Aldrete so the alignment is as follows:
Jose de Jesus Corona; Gerardo Flores, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Hugo Ayala, Julio Cesar Dominguez, Efrain Velarde; Javier Güemez, Juan Carlos Medina, Jesus Manuel Corona; Matias Vuoso and Raul Jimenez.
Ecuador has not been bad in two games, but the lack of attention in the lower area have hurt Quintero approaches in games against Chile and Bolivia.
The figures of South American Luis Valencia, Arturo Mena and Michael Arroyo are not due to injury, so Christian Noboa, Jefferson Montero and Enner Valencia are those who have taken the lead in that category for the miracle.
Ecuador's victory also serves as much, but want to say goodbye to life worthy of the continental competition.

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