viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

México vs Bolivia 12 junio 2015 Copa América Chile 2015 Día 2 Estadio Sausalito Viña del Mar, Chile

Mexico debut against Bolivia in Copa America 2015 Chile, with every intention of demonstrating that it will not walk

Mexican National Team will begin their adventure in the America's Cup to its similar of Bolivia on Friday June 12 at 17:30 Mexico time in Vina del Mar.

The room where the Tri will be debut in the Andean highlands Sasualito stadium has a capacity of about 23 thousand fans.

With more questions than answers it was as was Miguel Herrera after the friendly against Brazil on Sunday, but "The Louse" he has in mind at least the base of the team that will face the Bolivian Friday.

With already announced in the arch Jesus Corona, most likely in Mexico has lagged behind Gerardo Flores from the right side and Adrian Aldrete to the left, in the center are fixed Hugo Ayala and Rafael Marquez, while doubt is Julio Cesar Dominguez and Carlos Salcedo as the stopper on the left.

Midfield in front where more doubts crop up. Javier Güemez be fixed containment and Eduardo Herrera the tip, but the three remaining positions are in doubt, if put and Juan Carlos Median and Jesús Manuel Corona in the middle next to Güemez, or Aquino and Corona.

In front, it is likely that Raul Jimenez is not the holder and Matias Vuoso is the duo with Eduardo Herrera at the front.

In the analysis, the group of players who takes Miguel Herrera are not drawn elements pocket, many have proven themselves and have a good footballing step in their careers as professionals, however, not be up to those who are in Europe or the "top" of Liga MX, it makes them be considered as a "B" team.

However, the players will give a blow of authority in the field to denote that alternates are not the best, but are also live up to compete for a place in the first team, so to speak.

Reflectors viewers in Europe can also be the reason why some players want to make the move to the Old Continent or changing teams over there too. Specific cases of Jesús Manuel Corona and Raul Jimenez of seeking a team, or Marco Fabian and Carlos Salcedo to seek adventure.

The rival, Bolivia, has indigestion him to Tri both times he has faced him. The first in the debut of the Mexican national team in this contest in Ecuador in 1993 with a 0-0 group stage defeat in the unforgettable 1997 Bolivia 3-1 with a controversial arbitration against Mexico.

The team led by Mauricio Soria comes with a good group that was thrashed just the weekend by Argentina 5-0, sparking doubts and criticism of the players and the same Soria.

However, the strategist has changed the scheme for the game against Mexico in order to surprise and give the note Friday.

Marcelo Martins recovered, Soria Ricardo Pedriel try to accompany him on the front to use mostly the air. In midfield Alejandro Chumacero and Jhasmani Campos will be the play, and could surprise with the inclusion of young Sebastián Gamarra.

This would be the side that Bolivia would use before the Tri: Romel Quiñónez; Miguel Hurtado, Ronald Raldes, Edward Zenteno, Marvin Bejarano; Danny Bejarano, Alejandro Chumacero, Martin Smedberg, Jhasmani Campos; Marcelo Martins and Ricardo Pedriel.

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