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Colombia vs Venezuela June 14, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile Day 4 Stage Braden Copper Co. / El Teniente Rancagua, Chile

After the sweet taste left in the world, Colombia began its path to glory in the Copa America Venezuela bequeathed to a fantastic passages in Argentina 2011

Rancagua is a crossroads for two 'intimate enemies' in the Copa America 2015 Chile: Colombia, which seeks renewal and results affirm the era of Argentine Jose Pekerman, and Venezuela, who after his fourth four years ago in Argentina 2011 in Chile he wants more.

The beginning of the journey in the C Group, completing Brazil and Peru, used to dust off memories of past clashes in the tournament, which have resulted in victories for the Colombian, or pose new challenges, such as winning for the first time the debut, pending subject for Venezuelans.

And while plans for Pekerman and technical Noel Sanvicente we speak of luxury preparation for a World Cup of Russia, the not inconsiderable goal is the end of July 4 in Santiago.

Despite his absence through injury of the last World Cup and discreet course in 2015, Radamel Falcao Sunday appear in an official match with Colombia invested as captain.

The expectation that produces around Falcao, perhaps hurt by the few minutes it took for Manchester United, is comparable to the questions arising from absence, and ultimately important references that were as pillars of Colombian defense: captain Mario Yepes and Amaranto Perea.

Without them, and the promising prospect Eder Alvarez Balanta, the doors were opened wide for little media Pedro Franco, Jeison Murillo and Carlos Valdes.

Baggage do not lack, since Franco has made a place in the Turkish Besiktas, Murillo, with which already played in the selection sub'20, highlighted in the Spanish Granada; and Valdes, the largest of the three, has come to the Uruguayan National.

Pekerman has not given much light on who will complement the center-back Cristian Zapata, Yepes partner, nor seems to be clear if both sides always: Camilo Zuniga and Pablo Armero, prevail in the selection or succumb to the momentum of the young Darwin Andrade and Santiago Arias.

Colombians doubt on the consistency of the new defense is inversely proportional to the faith you have in the offensive letters from James Rodriguez, who has linked his great World Cup a great debut season with Real Madrid.

So intense is the light, which is less worrying that Juan Cuadrado has spent much time on the bench for Chelsea.

And if the greed of 'Tigre' Falcao was not enough or that of his usual partner, Teofilo Gutierrez they are very optimistic forecasts with great present and the promising future of Jackson Martinez and Carlos Bacca.

Venezuela completes its preparation concentration in Chile the 'Monasterio Celeste' clubhouse O'Higgins.

The shadow of Cesar Farias seems even overshadow the figure of 'Chita', who after spending a winless 2014, linked two at the expense of Honduras (2-3 and 2-1) between January and March but in March restated irregularities payments Jamaica (2-1) and left for hope a Pyrrhic victory over Peru in Miami.

Taking the ball from the opponent and smother him with the occupation of their exit routes are the criteria highlighted in the manual style of this young coach.

'Chita', the coach who has won more titles in Venezuela and discovered, trained or trained a lot of young people who have come to the selection as Ronald Vargas, Roberto Rosales, Josef Martinez, Alexander Gonzalez, Franklin Lucena, Cesar Gonzalez or Fernando Aristeguieta.

Ronald Vargas and Alejandro Guerra, two of those homegrown Vinotinto, orchestrate offensive play tomorrow and will scuderos comoe Tomas Rincon and Juan Arango, who played in his sixth Copa Chile.

Sanvicente intended to Vargas and War stocked with a deep front Josef Martinez and Jose Salomon Rondon shooting.

Venezuela is also laying its foundation and the main question is Sanvicente into the net, square by running Alain Baroja of Caracas and the Spanish Dani Hernández Tenerife.

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