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Chile vs Ecuador June 11, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile National Stadium

Chile opens host 2015 Copa America against a selection of Ecuador diminished but complex

Copa America 2015 Chile opened the curtain a duel between the host and Ecuador, which takes the first steps under the direction of coach Gustavo Quinteros and comes with low sensitive without giving up anything.
The National Stadium of Santiago is all decked out for the first function, the opening match of the world's oldest selections, which will pit two of the three South American teams that have not won in any of the 43 editions have been played Until now. Venezuela is the third.
For Chile, repaying this debt of almost a century it became imperative, especially after having touched the goal in the finals of 1955, 1956, 1979 and 1987; while Ecuadorencara the challenge without much pressure, but needs to make up his nefarious numbers in the Copa America, which has not won a game since 2001.
The team coached by Argentine Jorge Sampaoli is virtually the same as they were eliminated in the 2014 Brazil World Cup in the second round against the host team, bump still stings.
Although players try to shake off the pressure, expectations are high with a group of players who, despite the accolades and praise, has yet to achieve any feat to remember.
Beyond what happens when the ball starts rolling, previous statistics are clearly favorable to Chile, which has surpassed Ecuador in eleven of the thirteen times than they have faced in Copa America.
Ecuador also has only managed one win in his last five appearances in the tournament. The last victory was a 4-0 to Venezuela in the Copa America in Colombia in 2001.

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