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Brazil vs Venezuela June 21, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile Day 11 Estadio Monumental David Arellano Santiago, Chile

Even with the substantial fall in Neymar, Brazil must show sufficient size to pass over Venezuela in a complicated battle for a place in the quarterfinals of the Copa America

The Brazilian team, undermined by the sanction Neymar, will try to prove in Venezuela that has sufficient resources and that is still a candidate to win the America's Cup Chile 2015, while the Vinotinto, with big ambitions, wants to continue to write its history in the tournament.
Low Neymar is not only Brazil will lose their best player, but a leader in the field and the man who is responsible for throw the team on his back when the game is complicated.

Brazil coach Dunga, will be forced to make changes to the starting line and adapt the play of the team, which until now revolved exclusively around its parent star and is always stuck to the markings pestering Neymar.

Without reference to Neymar leading the game, Dunga plans to use a single striker, Roberto Firmino, shielded by half as fast and skillful tip Phillipe Coutinho, who is emerging as the replacement for the '10' in Brazil, and two wide ends .

One of them will Willian, who could play on the right or left, depending on who the other one is selected, either Douglas Costa or Robinho.

Brazilian players face the game with the utmost seriousness, by the pressure of the need to win to guarantee qualification in a Group C that is completely tied at three points and the opportunity of the low Neymar for others to be protagonists without the shadow of the sun.

The attitude of the players is very different from a year ago, when the injury Neymar fed a climate of shock that destabilized the Canarinhos and led to his painful elimination against Germany.

Before entering the field, Brazil and Venezuela already know what results need to move to the quarterfinals, as the Colombia-Peru takes place earlier.

The defense Miranda said today that Brazil will not speculate and play to win, but admitted that Venezuela is a good team and the game, "anything can happen".

Far is the time when the only question in a clash between Brazil and Venezuela was to know the proportions of the win that would fit the Vinotinto, until not long the Cinderella of South American football ago.

In the last two times they met, one of them in a friendly and one in the Copa America 2011 Venezuela won two games against Brazil and another friendly in the United States in 2008, the selection of the Caribbean country won its first victory against five-time champions.

In the days before the match, the Brazilian players and Dunga himself warned of the virtues of the Venezuelan team, their defensive line, their mettle playing a man down to Peru, strength and quality counterattack Juan Arango and Solomon Rondon.

With these qualities, the team led by Noel Sanvicente aims to make the quarter-finals of the America's Cup for the third time dreaming of what could be the first victory against Brazil in an official competition.

Venezuela already surprised in the America's Cup by defeating Colombia 1-0, but then lost by the same score against Peru in a game he had to play with ten men for seventy minutes on the expulsion of Fernando Amorebieta.

To meet the former side Athletic Bilbao Sanvicente will probably introduced into the starting lineup to Gabriel Cichero and are not expected to make more substantial changes.

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