domingo, 14 de junio de 2015

Brazil vs Peru June 14, 2015 Copa America 2015 Chile Day 4 Municipal Stadium German Becker Baechle Temuco, Chile

A Brazil craves to regain notoriety among the South American star is measured Peru that aims to endorse its recent past in the debut of both in the Copa America 2015 Chile

Neymar Brazil, seeking redemption for their dismal World, debuts at the 2015 Copa America Chile against a Peruvian team that dreams of a surprise and repeat his good performance from four years ago in the tournament.

Brazilians need to give a blow of authority as a gesture of self-assertion and Peruvians, without any obligation, aim to exploit weaknesses in your opponent to give the stroke and multiply their chances of qualifying in Group C.

Dunga started on the right foot in his second spell at the Canarinhos and reach the Copa America with a flawless balance of ten wins in ten friendlies, but know that your credit is very limited, since, still disappointed by the World and Brazilian fans unsightly game, gives his own team increasingly often.

The great weapon of Brazil, who lie all the hopes of the team is Neymar, who could close a perfect season after winning the treble with Barcelona.

The 23-year-old is in great shape, has matured a lot in the last year and is eager to achieve success with the selection.

His boots have left almost half goals from Brazil in the past year and his speed, dribbling and ability to measure definition will be critical to the team's chances in the tournament.

Peru Dunga intended to implement the new style that tries to implant in the selection: a game of great intensity, still breathing with the opponent and a very quick response when you have the ball.

This will have a line of three midfielders, specialists exert constant pressure, as Fernandinho, Elias and Fred, and will field two very quick players in attack like Neymar own Willian Chelsea.

Most certainly the starting lineup of Brazil is in the center forward position, but in no case Dunga opt for a classic striker, but players who know how to move outside the area and they will have as main task combined with Neymar.

For this position, Dunga could opt for Diego Tardelli player who professes great confidence, or by Roberto Firmino, who has been successful every time he has had an opportunity in the field.

The choice of Peru faces its debut in the Copa America aware of the superiority of their rivals, but without giving up their aspirations.

Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca, who has three months in command of the Peruvian team, aims to curb Brazil through the attitude and intensity of his players and, above all isolate Neymar other equipment.

For this have in a defensive midfield block inside players with much physical display as veteran Carlos Lobatón and Josepmir Ballon.

The striker Paolo Guerrero, who plays in Brazil since 2012 and has just signed for Flamengo, is emerging as a starter after overcoming a slight ankle sprain that kept him from participating in some training at the beginning of the week.

Guerrero will be joined in attack by Jefferson Farfan, which will be repeated as a second striker behind the good performance he had in that district during the last friendly match of Peru, which was who scored the 1-1 draw against Mexico in Lima .

Another novelty of the Peruvian team will be the inclusion of Juan Manuel Vargas at left back, a position where young blunted before it was consolidated as far left Fiorentina.

The intention is that Vargas Gareca, with Luis Advincula down the right side, are two side with great offensive looking back projection of the Brazilian defense.

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