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Brasil vs Colombia 17 junio 2015 Copa América Chile 2015 Día 7 Estadio Monumental David Arellano Santiago, Chile

As in the World Cup, Brazil seeks to sentence his pass to the next round of the America's Cup at the expense of Colombia to whom another defeat would leave the brink of elimination

Brazil and Colombia revived their clash in the quarterfinals of the 2014 World Cup in a match in which their survival coffee played in the Copa America 2015 Chile and in which Neymar could be very close to securing their classification.

The defeat of Colombia against Venezuela (0-1) in their opening Group C forces the Argentine coach Jose Pekerman team to fight for at least a draw if not risk premature to say goodbye to the competition.

At its Vitoria Brazil against Peru 2-1 it allows you to approach the game with a certain calm, although national coach Dunga has admitted he needs to improve a lot to choose to return to Santiago on July 4.

The superb performance of Neymar in Brazil debut raises Canarinhos actions, but it is a double-edged sword because it also shows the Colombians the way forward to stop his opponent.

Colombia hopes that Brazil open game allows you to display the good football that was a year ago at the World Cup and which has reached the Copa America with favorite band, but his bad debut in the tournament cast more shadows than lights.

Although the air from both teams refuse rematch in the two countries still sting blisters quarter-finals.

Colombians have not forgotten the bitterness of their elimination (2-1) after the great game they played, and in which, at times, cornered Brazil; and even some still question the referee's decision to cancel a goal Mario Yepes for offside.

The Brazilians still hurts in their own flesh the collision of Camilo Zuniga with Neymar, the striker was injured orphaning his team before the fateful semifinal against Germany.

For Neymar will be primarily an opportunity to re face to face with James Rodriguez, Real Madrid and figure who still has much to prove in the Copa America.

After the World Cup, Brazil and Colombia were cited in a friendly in Miami last August, with a goal from Neymar (1-0) turned to impose "green-amarela".

Neither Dunga nor Pekerman have had time to rehearse profound changes in their teams heading into tomorrow, but it is expected that both for their own emergency, introduce changes.

Brazil could win the starting job striker Roberto Firmino, who has good feelings in training and the midfielder Everton Ribeiro, who allowed Brazil to control more play against Peru in the second half.

Philippe Coutinho, having recovered from a muscle pain, could be minutes, although it is unlikely that holds since Dunga is unlikely to excesses of offensive frills.

Since taking the helm of the Colombian national team in 2012, Pekerman has shown to cause significant revolutions little changed, although this chameleon skin may also be set aside against a team that all Colombians can recite.

Of the players who professes devotion to Venezuela Pekerman relegated to the bank to Teofilo Gutierrez and had to change his poor performance when Pablo Armero side, even if it had to change bands Zuniga.

Square is also under suspicion for his bad time justified by the few minutes he has had since he joined Chelsea in January, but neither are few voices asking by now out of the starting lineup of Falcao.

If it is to take risks, few doubt that Pekerman surprised, for example, with construction square at right back or income of Santiago Arias. Zuniga definitely disappear, you can earn a left side space of origin and Darwin Andrade.

With the safe return to the bench of striker Carlos Bacca, expected a chance from the first whistle to Jackson Martinez. And as playmaker, double feature brand and support the attack from the left Victor Ibarbo letter arises.

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