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Tijuana vs Guadalajara 17 April 2015 21:30 Hrs MX closing 2015 League day 14 Stadium hot Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana has the chance to regain the lead against Guadalajara, which lands on the border for the two points that guarantee his salvation

One of the most attractive duels of the 14 of the 2015 tournament closing date will take place this Friday at the hot Baja California stadium when Tijuana receives the Guadalajara.
The Xoloitzcuintles hurting reach this comparison: three consecutive defeats for the directed by Daniel Guzmán, negative streak which was enough to down to dogs of the lead in the competition enjoyed until the start of the last day and that, curiously, now holds his opponent in turn.
The border gradually lose gas in competition, it is no secret. Tijuana is no longer seen as strong as in the first dates, although all is not lost: the generosity of football comes to scene again since, in the event of a win, the dogs would regain automatically top of competition (although also must take into account what does Veracruz).
23 points are which accumulate Tijuana, what makes the Xolos also in the prelude to the League and, for the moment, in the third position of the closing 2015. This meeting means more that three units for a set you need to recover the memory and its best version for the big feast, if that it is intended to "cachanilla" square the return to close-ups of the MX League.
Guadalajara is living a moment which was highly longed for his love in recent years. Chivas is the leader of the competition with 24 units and is virtually a fact their salvation. A win would mathematically ensure its permanence (is two points for it), though the percentage is a problem who stole the dream, all this is practically Starr.
Led by José Manuel de la Torre now, focus your eyes on best horizons: the herd is about to return to a League and the best image of the Tapatíos need to succeed if Chivas wants to extend its time to the conquest of the League MX.
In fact, the meeting in Tijuana is the beginning of which is possibly the most intense week which will be Chivas in the year, because then you will dispute the Final of Copa MX to Puebla mid-week and Sunday will be receiving the America in an edition more than the classic national. However, the bad news is that you for this commitment, Angel Reyna may not be due to a left thigh injury.

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