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Jaguares vs Veracruz 17 April 2015 2015 League MX closing day 14 Estadio Victor Manuel Reyna Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico

Chiapas cannot go more points as local when you measure to the Veracruz intending to ensure permanence and recover the triumphal inertia that has been losing

Roads have begun to narrow in the 2015 tournament closing and emergencies make their appearance in the minds and hearts of the participants.
For purposes of the day 14, Víctor Manuel Reyna Stadium opens its doors to accommodate the battle of Chiapas to Veracruz. A duel marked by the desire to retrieve a victorious essence of earlier times.
In order to wallow with the flavor of efficiency, but above all to achieve their goals, both Jaguar and Red sharks must step on the accelerator to improve its actions and reflect it on the scoreboard.
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Chiapas should be grateful with the system of competition, despite its dismal performance, with twelve points per contest, is still within the group that could play the Liguilla.
Then, if it seeks a winning streak, could repeat, as in opening 2014, its presence in the large party of Mexican soccer.
It comes after biting the dust before Santos in a vibrant, full of goals match. Perhaps one of its best moments so far from closing by 2015 despite the defeat.
Sergio Bueno's should focus on strengthening the attention of your picture under, which is the most beaten tournament, with 26 goals allowed. In addition, inject a dose of consistency to an offensive that has stuck, but disappears for periods.
As an additional element, Jaguars must pay off the debt that has before its fans: after getting her to be unbeaten and enjoy more success that draws you, sum two game without winning, something that undoubtedly has diminished its location in the table.

The word complacency must be banished by the sharks from the mind of the amateur partiers. And even the purest of reflective can imagine that with the almost-certain salvation, the sharks have relaxed the step.
To stay in the first Division of the Veracruz is two points away, with a dozen of them, yet to pick up in the regular phase. However, your ticket does not seem to indicate a trip next weekend.
The desire to stay in the maximum circuit made Carlos Reinoso team one of the best closing 2015 and its prize aims to play the Liguilla, while the balance of their last four matches do not throw good results.
Two defeats, a draw and a sound victory over America. Here is the point of analysis for Veracruz. Can't you relax, it is sure that celebrating a title is much sweeter than a stay in the first Division.

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