viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Derbi with collateral damage

Neighbouring city and position in the standings, the City and the United clash at Old Trafford supremacy and the subliderato of the Arsenal to visit to the Burnley; Chelsea visit the QPR

The Premier League 2014-2015 brings a great dish for your day 32: Manchester City is on fire, as United and City are measured at Old Trafford in a matchup with implications of any kind.

The reds come after a hard-hitting victory of 3-1 over Aston Villa; While the celestial suffered a painful 2-1 defeat on his visit to Crystal Palace.

In addition to the pride, Devils and citizens occupy the third and fourth place of the classification with a one point difference, only. The winner could have the reward, even climb up to the subliderato.

The above will try to avoid this Arsenal in his visit to Burnley, who fights by not peder category. The Gunners still have hope of giving scope to Chelsea; This and his recent performance, are the source of his motivation.

The victim of the Arsene Wegner was Liverpool: 4-1 at Emirates Stadium. The Reds have lost a step and the classification thus implies, to be located in fifth place with 54 points, seven of the next step.
Thus, the word vindication will be around in their mind when they open the doors of Anfield Road to honours to the Newcastle, living a mediocre season with 35 units reaching him for 13th place.

Leader Chelsea is eager to expand more and more its discreet advantage, of seven points over Arsenal. After winning with troubles, 2-1 to Stoke City as local, gets to the feud of the QPR, rival to played it to death because you don't want to go down.

Meanwhile, Tottenham and Southampton seek to overcome Liverpool, but, before, will have to do the same against Aston Villa and Hull City.

Completed by the rest of the day: Swansea vs Everton, West Brom vs. Leicester, Sunderland vs. Crystal Palace and West Ham vs. Stoke City.

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